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So you want to be a concessionaire?

There are over 300,000 festivals and special events for you and your concession trailer to participate in the US annually, this means you should never be out of work as a concessionaire.

People whom are exploring the idea of purchasing a concession trailer always tell me of their new ideas and concepts their new flavors or health foods but really there is no need why take an expensive risk just stick to what works in your new concession trailer.

I was one of the first concessionaires to start selling alligator meat which in turn ended being a full blown Cajun menu, my largest net profit menu to date in my new concession trailer.

I learnt many things as a concessionaire in my 14 years on the road getting this menu down to a science in my concession trailer. My menu at one point consisted of 16 items all homemade and fresh so to say and when I eventually cut it down to half the size I made the same money with half the work so I went the next step and narrowed it down to 5 menu items and guess what I made the same money. So the point being you do not need a large complicated menu. A simple menu with a couple of staple items works and that's a fact. Another example. I used to make nearly my whole menu from scratch in my concession trailer fresh red and green peppers that took hours to slice and dice that looked and tasted great until I realized that by buying mixed peppers in a #10 can (10 IB commercial can) that was already prepared and gave me 10 lbs of usable product would save me about 2 hours in labor and with peppers being between $18 to $38 a case would bring my food cost down considerably meaning more Benjamin's ($$$$) for Mr Browns lovely wife at the time. Another example. I used to spend hours sometimes days with 2-3 crews in the preparation of shrimp-on-a-stick. The defrosting process of several hundred pounds of frozen tiger shrimp 21-25 ct (which means 21 to 25 shrimp per pound) then with frozen hands to peel, devein, skewer and finally repackage and distribute among each crew to sell at the weekend in our concession trailers. I was then offered pre-packaged skewered shrimp 31-40 ct by a local purveyor which worked out to a $1.25 per stick. They where slightly smaller shrimp and not as high quality but I actually gained .45 cents profit per stick and selling them for a $1 less in my concession trailer. Duhhhhhh.

The same applies to many foods that are sold on your concession trailer. I am not telling you to sell pre-packaged frozen foods by any means but telling you to be wise, sensible and be efficient in your food cost that will only maximize your profits in your concession trailer.

Its all about the Benjamin's, and you can take that to the bank.